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Principal Investigator

Amaç Fatih TuYuN


Dr. Amaç Fatih TuYuN is a Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the Istanbul University. He received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Istanbul University. Unlike expectations, he preferred the Organic Chemistry for his M.Sc. studies and obtained his M.Sc. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the Istanbul University in 2007. After brief experience at the SHIMADZU Middle-East & Africa Istanbul Brach of SHIMADZU CORPORATION, he began his academic career in 2008 and as a PhD student and obtained his PhD in 2012 from the Istanbul University under the supervision of Professor Cemil Ibis. Since then, he has begun his independent career at Beykent University, where he was promoted to Assistant Professor of Chemistry at 2012. Then, he moved to his “home”, namely Istanbul University, as the Assistant Professor in 2016.


He is the author of over 50 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, inventor on 7 patents, and has more than 15 years research experience in organic and medicinal chemistry. He is a member of professional societies, including the International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC) and Turkish Chemical Society. He is also on the editorial board of some chemistry & medicinal journals. He is a referee for some international journals.


His laboratory at Istanbul University is dedicated to the interdisciplinary research in the fields of bioorganic/medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. He has used a combination of structure-activity study and advanced computational calculations to study mode of actions. His research interests include interdisciplinary approaches within the field of organic synthesis, computational chemistry, chemical biology, and bioorganic chemistry with focus on pharmaceuticals and natural products.

Editorial Activities

Editorial Associate Editor Member, BMC Microbiology

Associate Editor, Frontiers in Antibiotics

Associate Editor, Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Member o Editorial Board, American Journal of Research Communication

Member of Reviewer Board, Current Trends in Chemical Engineering and Processing Technology

Professional Societies

International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC)

Turkish Chemical Society

Scientific Advisory Boards

International Organizing Committee, 3rd  International Conference of Organic Chemistry (ICOC-2014) "Organic Synthesis - Driving Force of Life Development"

Meet The Team


- Sedef BENER, 2022, December, Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceutical Company

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