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Welcome to
TuYuN Research Group

Welcome to the website of the TuYuN Research Group (TRG) Laboratory! We are a team of scientists located in the Department of Chemistry at the İstanbul University in Turkey. We are interested in interdisciplinary approaches within the field of organic synthesis, computational chemistry, chemical biology, and bioorganic chemistry. TRG members carry out both fundamental and applied research. Research in the TRG lies in the design of anticancer lead molecules for the site-specific activation in cancer cell lines, mode of actions; additionally, design of antimicrobial lead molecules, and the development of organic synthetic methodology.

Recent News:

- First master thesis defence of our group and department! As a young group, we have fun with many firsts, which is amazing. Mrs. Bener, the first member of our group, did great work in our group with new chemistry. Congratulations to Sedef Bener, who passed with great success.

- TuYuN received the prestigious TÜBİTAK 1001 project support entitled "Synthesis of Targeted EGFR Inhibitors in NSCLC Treatment, Investigation of Mechanism of Their Anticancer Effects and Studies of Structural Dynamics” in collaboration with scientists from Koç University and Anadolu University.

- Our collaborative study has been published in Bioorganic Chemistry. Congrats all!

- September, 2022: Welcome to three PhD candidates (Ms. Azize Kıraç Aydın, Ms. Asmar Taghiyeva, and Mr. Elnar Mammadov) to our research group.

- August, 2022: Happy to announce our new research assistant Mr. Vahidin Gafuroğlu as well as our new MSc Student.

- February, 2022: Very excited to receive a new MSc student (Halit Burak Enez) expand our research group.​

​​​- August 3th, 2021: Our article published in RSC Advances has been selected for the RSC Advances 10th Anniversary collection focusing on Computational chemistry.

​​​- July 15, 2021: The publication about Plastoquinone analogs has been accepted in Medicinal Chemistry Research.

​- July 2, 2021: Our another publication has been accepted in Bioorganic Chemistry. Well done!

​​- June 10, 2021: Our publication has been accepted in Chemico-Biological Interactions. Congratulations!

- May 20, 2021: Dr. Tuyun has been selected as the Editorial Board of BMC Microbiology journal.

- January, 2021: A new M. Sc. student (Sedef Bener) joins the group (hopefully the first of many!). Welcome to our group!

- We have discussed our collaboration with Japanese colleagues (Prof. Dr. Mikako Fujita, Prof. Dr. Masami Otsuka, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil I. Ciftci)

- January 1, 2021: Webpage is launched.

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